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NarrowGate Ministry is an emerging ministry located in St Petersburg, FL that had a very primitive website before they asked me to step in and help give them a new image and a website which was an extension of their ministry onto the internet.

With the website I put together, NarrowGate Ministry is now able to post news to their website, which could be picked up in a number of ways by their members and I also created a podcast for them, which updates when a new message is posted on their website. The website automatically creates the podcast feed and puts all the messages online. Now NarrowGate’s messages are available to anyone in the world, with very little extra effort.


With minimal input Dave created and built a website for our ministry that far exceeded our expectations. It is not only beautiful to look at, but it is clean, simple, user friendly, and highly functional! I especially appreciate the ease with which we are able to maintain the content in-house, and the quick and friendly assistance when requested.

Terri Dieter, NarrowGate Ministry

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