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Do It With WordPress is one of my own sites and it is by far the most heavily visited. It is a site where I can teach both my clients and the wider world about how to use WordPress (the system that I use to build all my websites) effectively and how to manage, modify and maintain their sites.

As such, the visual impact and technical capability of the site has to match the expectation set forth, so I went with a punchy design, with a clean slider at the top of the page, showcasing my newest tutorials. Below that is an easy-to-read display of my tutorial archive, where the emphasis is on the content. Nonetheless, each post is dressed up with an image and also shows the social impact of each article, with tweets and Facebook shares being shown beside each post.

Each individual post is displayed with enough color to keep the page aesthetically appealing, while stopping short of being distracting. The sidebar shows information in a clean and unimposing manner and allows me to add little things that I want to put in front of my readers.

Do It With WordPress is growing all the time and the visitors continue to be impressed by the appearance and functionality of the site.

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