Friends of Plant Park

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Friends of Plant Park is a non-profit organisation, comprised of people who want to make their local park in Tampa the very best that it can be.

Plant Park was established by Henry Plant, a pioneer and businessman who settled in Tampa in the late 19th century.

They have established various gardens around the park, and wanted to establish a “postcard tour“, where visitors could scan a QR code at each point of interest and see a postcard of how it used to look in years past. Because the site would be viewed on visitor’s cell phones, it also needed to be mobile-friendly.

The organisation puts on GreenFest every year: an event for the local community to educate them about nature and environmental conservation. Their site needed to incorporate providing event information and vendor registration forms.

Their website elegantly provides a lot of information about the park and its history to visitors and those interested in the park, as well as allowing the organisation to streamline their operations.

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