The UK Edge is a WordPress agency run by Dave Clements.

My WordPress story began in about 2007 when I built my first blog on WordPress after much experience in static HTML sites and Joomla.

From there, friends and family wanted me to build sites for them and then I started charging clients.

Since then, I’ve been building up my experience on ever-more-complex projects all the while refining my expertise and knowledge.

All of that has culminated in my current skill set which allows me to look at a need and craft an elegant solution that is beautifully simple to use, but sufficiently powerful to handle the task today and into the future.

My holistic approach considers what is needed during development, after launch and well into the operation of the site, ensuring that your money is well-spent on a worthwhile investment instead of being dumped in to a flash-in-the-pan idea which will need to be rebuilt in a year or two.

  • Dave Clements

    WordPress Developer

    I’m 30ish and have a wife, daughter and son. I love cider, hummus, travelling and learning.