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Basia Alexander has been working for Plant Kingdom Communications for a number of years and is a very self-sufficient person, with a can-do attitude. Honorably, she had developed a number of sites for different aspects of her partner, Dr Jim Conroy’s, business, working with plants and ecosystems and bringing about restoration in a natural manner.

However, the time came when she realised that they needed overhauling and some unification to carry the brand through between the different sites. So she got in touch with me.

We worked together to establish a list of all of their existing web properties and which ones needed to be overhauled. We went through several design ideas to find the perfect fit for them, which would allow a lot of customisation, while retaining the power of features like post formats, custom backgrounds and a WordPress multisite setup.

Over the next few months we set about designing the sites one by one and transferring them individually to the new server. The staggered transition helped ensure that everything was in place on a site-by-site basis without being overwhelmed and allowed Basia and her team to focus on a single task at a time.

The new suite of sites is connected by a common navigation bar that highlights which site in the suite they are currently on. The suite also has a number of commercial features such as an events calendar, blogs, e-commerce sales and portfolios.

The network has allowed Plant Kingdom Communications to capture the best of today’s technologies to reach a wider audience and offer a uniform and modern branding style.

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