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I met Ashley Morera at a local festival here in Tampa and we were initially drawn in by her beautiful art. After speaking with her for a while, she mentioned that she was trying to get a website together, but hadn’t been able to find the right person to do it. So I offered to do it for her and she gladly accepted.

Ashley had a few particular requirements, including the dark design. I worked with her to provide a site which put the emphasis strictly on her art. Although the site also has other essential elements, like her biography and a contact page, the front page consists of Ashley’s 25 latest creations. Each image becomes completely opaque as it is rolled over, so that even though the images all touch one another, each one can be visually isolated.

Ashley’s portfolio is a striking representation of her eclectic artwork and a prime example of how WordPress can be used to create all manner of websites.

I never thought having a website could be so easy! Honestly, before meeting Dave I had no idea where to begin but he made it very simple to understand and make changes. The process was fast and efficient. Dave is always available to answer questions and explains things in a way you can understand – something that is hard to find in a web designer. I would recommend The UK Edge to anyone who has been putting off setting up a website! Sometimes I wonder how I operated without it. With technology growing everyday it is almost impossible to be successful and reach your goals if you don’t get your name out there! Let the UK Edge help you. Thanks Dave for all of your hard work.

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